Ruthless [adjective]

Definition of Ruthless:

mean, heartless

Opposite/Antonyms of Ruthless:

Sentence/Example of Ruthless:

There was something so ruthless in the boy, so overbearing and heartless.

He perceived that he had become the victim of a harsh and ruthless dealing.

"Here, take it," the postman said in a tone of ruthless finality.

Alice interfered; she perceived that the ruthless Mrs. Dowling meant to have her way.

I was determined to pursue my ruthless course in his defense to the end.

Sewell's ruthless surgery is most evident in that last paragraph.

My fleeting joy was being thrust back by hands most ruthless.

This did really seem to me a ruthless and unjustifiable proceeding.

Tuman imagined a city full of enemies, ruthless and powerful.

Edom o' Gordon—Adam of Auchindoun—did his ruthless work in 1571.