Unmerciful [adjective]

Definition of Unmerciful:


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Sentence/Example of Unmerciful:

Still they repeated their unmerciful blows with all their energy.

You're an unmerciful sinner when you get started, ain't you, Is?

Note the lesson of the parable of the Unmerciful Servant, Matt.

He tied her to a tree and beat her unmerciful and cut her tender parts.

How unmerciful we were, and—how easily our lovers consoled themselves!

He was always cheerful, and his unmerciful chaffing kept me alive.

And what if others will do nothing for thee, but are unkind and unmerciful to thee?

They came upon him, and suddenly seizing him, gave him a most unmerciful beating.

Oh be not so unmerciful to the souls that you have helped to bring into the world!

The word "Molokai" spells for them nothing but the most unmerciful disaster.