Tyrannous [adjective]

Definition of Tyrannous:


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Sentence/Example of Tyrannous:

Some influences are tyrannous; they impose themselves, they dominate, they enslave.

But the War brought to an end the bad old days of a tyrannous minority.

The tyrannous temper of his new consort became the torment of his life.

You could not call it thinking, this possession of her mind by one tyrannous idea.

All asperity and tyrannous rudeness is held to be out of place.

It is the impending judgment of the tyrannous rich that is primarily in his mind.

The scary rabbit is an impetuous, tyrannous and jealous lover.

No, I will be tyrannous, and a most deep revenger: the order shall stand.

Much must be our care; till night we leave you; I am your servant, be not tyrannous.

By tyranny and by judgement,—that is, by a forced and tyrannous judgement,—he was taken.