Preeminent [adjective]

Definition of Preeminent:

most important; superior

Opposite/Antonyms of Preeminent:

Sentence/Example of Preeminent:

And of all the faces, expressive of chagrin, those of the Americans were preeminent.

The children of believers are the subjects of preeminent privileges and blessings.

There were two preeminent causes for the failure of some of these bills.

And it is a noble commonsense which, after all, is Voltaire's preeminent gift.

In the art of conciliating an audience, Cowper was preeminent.

Already, it has been seen, how preeminent was the support received by it from his munificence.

This form of tribute to humanity is preeminent in the books of the prophets.

It is his preeminent love for spring, and its flowers and imagery.

Astounding Stories is without doubt the most preeminent in its field.

Instead of jeering at reason and dialectics, I think it's our preeminent ability.