Autonomous [adjective]

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We firmly believe in the future of autonomous mobility as a safe and cost-effective form of transportation with a vast addressable market.

The future of transportation is on-demand autonomous vehicles traveling on roads and highways, providing riders with better, faster, and cheaper, point-to-point service.

Yet as the broader industry shifts toward more niche use cases for autonomous technology, some industry executives are left wondering about the divide between Aurora’s big ambitions and the current state of its product.

The company started using its fleet of autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans to map Texas and New Mexico roads in January.

Another group of companies are working on autonomous drones to solve “last mile” delivery of packages.

More recently, it helped develop an autonomous ship that sailed from San Diego to Hawaii without human intervention.

It worked well, but our goal now is to make it fully autonomous.

Today, they operate a fleet of 40 autonomous trucks running some 20 trips a week.

The ecommerce giant said it had agreed to acquire Bay Area-based autonomous vehicle company Zoox, a deal reportedly worth more than $1 billion.

What he fears will happen as the problem continues to metastasize — if, for instance, autonomous trucks put three million drivers out of work.