Dependent [adjective]

Definition of Dependent:

weak, helpless

Synonyms of Dependent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dependent:

Sentence/Example of Dependent:

We’ve researched the best desk chairs dependent on the way you’ll want to use them.

Because temperatures were so marginal for accumulation, between 31 and 35 degrees, amounts tended to be elevation-dependent.

The post Publishers worry Taboola’s SPAC funding could make them more dependent on its ad revenue appeared first on Digiday.

Community, though dependent on technology, will exist, at least for one precious day.

When storms in the Ohio Valley dissipate and transfer their energy to a new coastal storm, snowfall in Washington is heavily dependent on where the new storm forms and how quickly it develops.

Google’s bottom line is less dependent on behavioral targeting than Facebook’s.

The outlook for a rebound is dependent on a vaccine roll-out that’s proceeded slowly so far, while new virus strains have kept case counts stubbornly high.

The Capital Weather Gang projects four to eight inches of snow in the immediate area by Tuesday, although amounts at the high end of that range are dependent on additional accumulations Monday, which may or may not materialize.

Farmers saw clearly how inherently dependent they are on other people.

Accumulation of snow and sleet will be dependent on where the heaviest precipitation develops, and it’s hard to pinpoint the location hours in advance.