Vulnerable [adjective]

Definition of Vulnerable:

open to attack

Synonyms of Vulnerable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vulnerable:

Sentence/Example of Vulnerable:

If we permit our economy to drift and decline, the vulnerable will suffer most.

White Fang was in a rage, wickedly making his attack on the most vulnerable spot.

If Imogen is vulnerable, this is the quarter from which she must be approached.

If there is a weakness here, if the ranch is vulnerable—we should learn what it is.

Something tells me they are vulnerable in ways we haven't guessed at.

In it, his words were not vulnerable to the sono-beam's eavesdropping.

A faintly ironic resignation is no armour for a vulnerable heart.

They are vulnerable all round from other causes than the hazards of war.

But no longer will they be vulnerable to our earlier methods of attack.

Only the rear of the city is vulnerable; but it is walled and inaccessible.