Guarded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Guarded:

W was a Watchman, and guarded the door; X was expensive, and so became poor.

These words were uttered in a guarded whisper by a boy about seventeen years of age, to a great dog that stood by his side.

The dead bodies of the two men were guarded until next day, for justice to do its duty.

Then came the Sultan (Abdul Hamid) himself in an open carriage, closely surrounded and guarded by officers.

This fact indicates that at the outset of a student's work in this field he should be guarded against such misconceptions.

The Tories were reminded that his soldiers had guarded the scaffold before the Banqueting House.

As a military man he knew well how zealously the secrets of all fortresses are guarded.

The faithful girl was gone, carrying with her the carefully guarded secret of her young mistresses.

His brother the Duke of Northumberland, less strongly guarded, fell into their hands.

Stevens, I thought I told you to have this cross-roads guarded and the Yankee camp watched as soon as we decided to attack.