Incautious [adjective]

Definition of Incautious:

not careful

Opposite/Antonyms of Incautious:

Sentence/Example of Incautious:

In an incautious moment, influenced by the idea of saving her bread-and-butter, Mrs Pike gave up the key.

They feared she might be incautious, and for that reason Oberg made the villainous suggestion of the yachting trip.

Those were slow, silent, often turbid; flowing over beds of mud into which the incautious wader might sink and vanish unawares.

Or, was the peace only a prelude to the massacre—a skilfully devised snare to entrap incautious and credulous enemies?

Rifles flashed, and incautious heads or hands were struck, and somewhere or other the cannon were always muttering.

Atli incautious had himself drunk weary; weapon he had none, nor was 'gainst Gudrun guarded.

And since then no incautious British artists or critics have dared to tamper with Senefelder's definition of lithography.

He was so near the abyss that the least incautious movement would expose him to great danger.

I was on the way back from a shooting expedition, and had been so incautious as to send my three horses on in front of me.

He hoped Smithy would be sensible, and not betray him by an incautious exclamation, when he learned of his presence.