Thoughtless [adjective]

Definition of Thoughtless:


Opposite/Antonyms of Thoughtless:

Sentence/Example of Thoughtless:

Those who bring them on us seem captious, thoughtless, cruel.

But her castle was not merely a scene of thoughtless pleasure.

Roland is too gay and thoughtless a young man to be about a pretty girl like you.

Reckless, thoughtless, heartless, he plunges headlong again.

She is thoughtless, and does not form a just notion of my situation.

One evening Gilberte came into the room, with her air of thoughtless gayety.

The thoughtless say, on hearing these representations,—What boots it to do well?

And he rode away, careless, thoughtless, in the midst of a very real danger.

The young were thoughtless, they had the root of evil in them, they flew into frivolity from contrariness.

Dick is so thoughtless—so careless of other people's feelings.