Mannerly [adjective]

Definition of Mannerly:

polite, well-behaved

Synonyms of Mannerly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mannerly:

Sentence/Example of Mannerly:

Mr. Havill had lapsed into a mannerly silence that was only sullenness disguised.

Aunt Lindie had sharp ears and young folks had to be mannerly in her house.

Although trustful and friendly, they were reserved and mannerly.

Otherwise I would remind you that it is not mannerly to eat and run.

The nabob, who was mannerly, went to speak to the aunts and find them seats.

A woman's world was so polite, so mannerly, so remembering of all the social amenities.

You are so very pretty, my dear, so good and so mannerly, that I cannot help giving you a gift.

Why should she not set you a mannerly example, giving me welcome?

I liked the way she smiled, and I liked her obedient, mannerly bearing.

The fiddle was there in the middle, and the harp answering to it; and twelve mannerly women to bring my love to his bed.