Deaf [adjective]

Definition of Deaf:

without hearing

Synonyms of Deaf:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deaf:

Sentence/Example of Deaf:

If it’s clear that they’re only there to hear themselves or a privileged few speak, it’s probably also true that they are deaf to the concerns of the people they represent.

Apple worked with Washington-based Gallaudet University, which specializes in educating deaf and hard-of-hearing students, to chose which clear mask to use.

It shows the full face so people who are deaf or hard of hearing can better understand what the wearer is saying.

The company hopes to test the technology in patients paralyzed by spinal cord injuries and someday, Musk said, restore the hearing and sight of people who are deaf or blind.

If you ask agency execs and employees how marketers are managing that task, they’ll tell you that it’s a balancing act as marketers don’t want to appear “tone deaf” but they also don’t want to overdo it with messaging like the initial response ads.

Maybe it was the fact I was born to a deaf mother, maybe it was the ADHD.

And in that day the deaf shall hear the words of the book, and out of darkness and obscurity the eyes of the blind shall see.

Frau S. admitted that was true, but at the same time suggested it would be well for him to remember we were not all deaf.

Others revolt at the injustice of the monopoly, and the words fall on ears that would be deaf if they could.

She was determined to know God's will concerning her; and to such God never turns a deaf ear.