Uncaring [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Uncaring:

"And he might have been my son," cried out Elsbeth to the uncaring night.

He wished that he could always be like that,—dull, phlegmatic, uncaring.

Her father had gone on as long as he could until at last, broken and uncaring he had made one last ditch stand.

But when I thought of her so horribly heartless, so uncaring to my unhappiness, I did more than hate her—I utterly despised her.

Eight hundred thousand endless, lonely revolutions about an unthinking, uncaring, ungrateful world is quite enough.

It felt intelligence slipping from it, felt the old, uncaring comfort coming back again.

Here she would walk, calling in vain his name to the uncaring winds of heaven.

The train flew on, uncaring, for trains know not that they are carriers unto destiny.

Immediately, with the uncaring folly of youth, Johnson plunged into the very spot to his friends horror and anxiety.

The massive beast rose on its hind legs, growled, and Ross walked by it uncaring, unmenaced by the puzzled animal.