Callous [adjective]

Definition of Callous:

cruel, insensitive

Opposite/Antonyms of Callous:

Sentence/Example of Callous:

The callous Justice passed on to the next stye, immersed in thought.

It isn't in the average man to be utterly callous to the suffering of another, even if that other richly deserves his pain.

But where the trade is once admitted, no wonder the heart becomes callous to the individual sufferings of the slaves.

The brutal callous indifference of the whole thing was most strongly marked.

The Hindoo devotee is exceedingly tender of the lives of animals, while he is often callous to human suffering.

A callous indifference to the instruction of the missionaries, except it was followed by some temporal benefit, prevailed.

This callous skin is even adherent to the bones, against which it is continually pressed by the weight of the body.

If he was callous to the sufferings of his prisoners, he was at least as indifferent to his own.

Truth to tell, both Steve and Sarah looked as if they had been on a spree, and both were callous as to appearances.

The callous calm of the men mystified them; the weeping of their mothers made their miserable fear more acute.