Hardhearted [adjective]

Definition of Hardhearted:

cold, cruel

Synonyms of Hardhearted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hardhearted:

Sentence/Example of Hardhearted:

The knight would be only a hardhearted warrior, oppressing the poor and miserable, and only interesting from his deeds of valor.

Sally was mysteriously hardhearted about them, while fully admitting their claims on the public.

He asked himself if he had not been hardhearted to fly away without saying good-bye to Solomon.

But he knew of course there wouldn't any lady be hardhearted enough not to buy a picture of her own baby.

It would be a hardhearted bandit who would despoil the gentle angler of his basket of trouts.

I felt an impulse to step forward as a preacher to the world around me, to the thoughtless and the hardhearted.

Elizabeth has been called a fool for listening to such pathetical ‘love letters’: and then hardhearted for not listening to them.

She persuaded herself, all the time, that she was doing right, and that he was a hardhearted father not to listen to her.

Miss Genie was frankly unconventional, and yet she was both hard-headed and hardhearted.

Far be it from me to see love's young dream wiped out by a hardhearted family.