Merciless [adjective]

Definition of Merciless:

mean, heartless

Opposite/Antonyms of Merciless:

Sentence/Example of Merciless:

Up to a certain moment they were all bitter and merciless toward him.

They hang their heads in shame under the merciless but just accusation.

It still regarded them with the merciless wistfulness of hunger.

He was beset on either side by the merciless fangs of his erstwhile comrades.

It was a merciless deed, and yet such was the character of all warfare at the time.

A woman as good as herself had a perfect right to be merciless.

With Augereau and Massena, Bernadotte is a merciless plunderer.

He began to undress; but the merciless noise racked his nerves.

A more harassing and merciless conflict can hardly be imagined.

He hated himself for the thought, but it haunted him with a merciless persistence.