Cutthroat [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cutthroat:

Enterprise sites have to face cutthroat competition at every stage, particularly from brands with sophisticated SEO strategies.

He is on a mission to find something hidden, and along the way joins forces with cutthroat attorney Hong Cha-Young.

That might not sound like much, but few things compare with having a 20-inch cutthroat on the end of your line, letting him make a few runs, fighting the urge to rush him to the net while not playing him too long.

The move downmarket seems like an admission the company can't—or doesn't want to—compete in the cutthroat premium-smartphone market.

The normally cutthroat media industry has — in some ways, at least — been feeling a little less competitive for the past few months for top publishers.

I might have guessed that in some such cutthroat manner would your vaunt of winning me at the sword-point be accomplished.

The captain had a hard story to tell, and he offered five hundred dollars to any one who would shoot this bloody cutthroat.

Knowing the cutthroat's recklessness and his almost insane thirst for blood, he feared that this might happen.

We can deal with that old buzzard as freely and as profitably as if we were in a cutthroat pawnshop.

I went fishing, and in the first pool of the river below the upper lake, caught several two- and three-pound cutthroat trout.