Savage [adjective]

Definition of Savage:

wild, untamed

Opposite/Antonyms of Savage:

Sentence/Example of Savage:

An hour ago he had whirled her out of her senses in savage passion.

There was a savage note in his voice under which the girl visibly winced.

His head was thrust forward menacingly, and his eyes were savage.

Her voice cut fiercely into the quiet of the room, imperious, savage.

Chip, savage in his misery, regarded her over one square shoulder.

The savage tribesmen burst in the door and crowded into the room.

It was against these savage Turks that the first Crusade was directed.

To one familiar with savage peoples there could be no doubt that these were close to the purple.

Also something, but very little, about the tribes of savage men.

The monotony of savage life in this place became intolerable.