Unspoiled [adjective]

Definition of Unspoiled:


Synonyms of Unspoiled:

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Sentence/Example of Unspoiled:

But an unspoiled boy would not have needed that drastic medicine.

Some inner voice was at her heart, warning her to leave the day unspoiled.

She loved them with such a love as only the unspoiled child can know.

Some are just beautiful to look at and yet unspoiled by flattery.

Few men can enjoy a great reputation and be so unspoiled as Dr. Gunstone.

He accepted this girl for what she seemed—a fresh, unspoiled child.

If the tapestry is very fine work its surface should be unspoiled by additions.

"Honora Leffingwell is the most natural and unspoiled person I know," she said.

It was a hopeful, toiling land, rough perhaps, but as yet unspoiled.

There is nothing like it, nothing so unaffected and unspoiled, on the whole Breton coast.