New [adjective]

Definition of New:

recent, fresh

Opposite/Antonyms of New:

Sentence/Example of New:

The trouble is that we've just had to cut that fine old New York family off our list.

It is not so with the new fables which the Greeks are continually mixing with their mythology.

I haven't told you yet the reason—a new reason—why you must talk to Avice.

As for this new edict, it will prove a rebounding arrow, striking him who sent it.

He never ceased to feel cheated when he was obliged to ride in New York.

He'll be plumb stoop-shouldered if he don't hurry up and get the new kicked off of 'em.

He spent such an evening there at the end of their first month in New York.

You folks been cuttin' a pretty wide swath here in New York.

The West and the East were met in conflict,—the old and the new, the stale and the fresh.

Among the passengers was a stout, good-looking man, a New York merchant.