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It will be interesting to see how Walmart integrates this technology into its existing chain, though from the sound it, Walmart would essentially be relying on non-professionals to delivery goods like groceries.

Making matters worse, the report found that the world’s most vulnerable people aren’t getting the financial assistance they need to withstand such disasters, even though the funds they require exist.

Unless your purchase represents a significant upgrade from what you already own — say, swapping out your old gas-guzzling car for an electric vehicle — you are better off trying to refurbish or repurpose existing items than acquiring more stuff.

Members of Hue & Cry — of the Sly Stone-ish single, “Labour of Love” — went on-record in an interview to note their hit was really a polemic “about the love affair that existed between parts of the British working class and Margaret Thatcher.”

For starters, the game that would provide his career did not exist until he was in middle school.

The media remains fairly clueless about the America that exists outside of the big cities, where most political writers and editors live.

No, they exist because ESPN and Fox and CBS and all their tentacles need programming, period.

Volition and NBCUniversal’s partnership represents a third methodology for leveraging the fame and influence of people, specifically those who exist somewhere in between an influencer and mainstream celebrity.

The longer wait at the site is a new phenomenon that didn’t exist even two weeks ago, said Hannah Winant, public affairs manager for Arlington County’s emergency management agency.

The shops that are not sponsored are editorially curated with products that already exist in the company’s affiliate network, Plaks said.