Alive [adjective]

Definition of Alive:

being animately existent

Synonyms of Alive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alive:

Sentence/Example of Alive:

More effective disinfection on planes should reduce the transmission of coronavirus via surfaces, such as armrests, where virus left behind by an infected person can stay alive for hours.

To keep females in the breeding stock alive, the company adds the antibiotic tetracycline to the water where the larvae dangle rump-up before transitioning to aerial adulthood.

From around 29,700 to 18,530 years ago, when the animal that yielded nuclear DNA was alive, breeding woolly rhinos numbered about 10,600, the team estimates.

It was helpful to first calculate the probability of keeping the streak alive — that is, getting at least one hit in a game.

It is important that customers know that you are alive and in control of the situation on your side.

SEO is alive and well, but it has definitely changed over the years.

In one case, a man disabled location services on his wife’s phone and used her text messaging services in an unsuccessful attempt to fool her family into thinking she was alive.

If not, the ancient ancestor of modern amphibians may have passed one trait on to species that are alive today.

Now, the longer that we keep them alive, the more that we need to be able to engage them in supportive environments around really everything.

I think what’s more interesting is, can we create environments for teachers and students where together the data comes alive and fascinates them.