Functioning [adjective]

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A confusing patchwork of last-minute orders imposed since October—somehow both too restrictive to allow regular functioning of the economy and not restrictive enough to effectively limit the virus’s spread—have failed to improve the situation.

Such activities are essential to the functioning of a free democracy.

In normal times, I would maintain that this is the healthy functioning of the market’s “invisible hand.”

Data from the advisory group suggests that vaccinating essential workers maximizes the overall functioning of society and promotes access to the vaccine for communities of color, which have been most affected by the pandemic.

She described herself as “high functioning” and said she was always in special education classes in elementary and high school.

The work of the Postal Service and its employees are absolutely essential to ensure the smooth functioning of this election.

About 95% of particles in the room will be removed by a properly functioning ventilation system in 30 minutes, but an infected person in the room means those particles are also continuously emitted.

It works, scientists think, by restoring a fully functioning microbial ecosystem in one fell swoop.

Even if they do, many do not have the basic faculty to interact with the advanced functioning of the call-based advertising inventory.

Scientists also have studied teeth and the functioning of jaws to puzzle out what dinosaurs likely ate.