Around [adverb]

Definition of Around:

situated on sides, circumference, or in general area

Synonyms of Around:

Opposite/Antonyms of Around:


Sentence/Example of Around:

Descending the Alps to the east or south into Piedmont, a new world lies around and before you.

Davy looked around and saw an old man coming toward them across the lawn.

This, however, did not apply to the waters lying directly around the Poloe and Flatland groups.

At present, Louis was too self-absorbed by the struggles within him, to look deep into what was passing around him.

While they were doing this, he assembled the officers around him, and the meaning of our night march was explained to us.

The grass had a delightful fragrance, like new-mown hay, and was neatly wound around the tunnel, like the inside of a bird's-nest.

They cultivated a few plants around their wigwams, and cured a few pounds for their own use.

Now and then the boy who had bought Squinty, and who was taking him home, would look around at his pet in the slatted box.

Then, with one accord, they all rose and began to steer their way around the furniture toward the hall, Goliath following.

Why he did that, instead of walking around on the shore, Jimmy Rabbit couldn't understand.