Throughout [adjective]

Definition of Throughout:

during the whole of

Opposite/Antonyms of Throughout:


Sentence/Example of Throughout:

Throughout the dinner their entire absorption in each other was all but unbroken.

The following are a few of the passes used by Harriet throughout the war.

What consternation and grief there would be throughout the world!

Every now and then throughout the dinner he would say, "Oh, that reminds me!"

Throughout the entire country, indeed, Morvandial is spoken.

Throughout he must remember, how small is the scale of operations.

She was called "Old Mary Ann" throughout the whole neighborhood.

They will be read with avidity in the North and in the South, and throughout Europe.

What you have done in one village, why should not legislation do throughout a kingdom?

And how warm and pleasant the place was throughout the foul winter weather!