Encompassing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Encompassing:

While the group started in hip-hop, their music encompassed different genres, Herman said, and incorporated a vision for the world to be a better place.

For the aspens are alive—they are, in the case of Kebler Pass, a vast encompassing life.

The list of recommendations that can be auto-applied is lengthy — encompassing everything from ads and extensions, bids, keywords and targeting, repairs and new features.

Metzger wouldn’t have had a chance in the Republican primary for the 43rd District, which encompassed southern Orange County, Imperial County, and a big chunk of North County from Oceanside and Carlsbad to Escondido and Valley Center.

Methodist also expanded its charity care policy to encompass more than 50% of area residents and raised the pay of its lowest-paid employees.

They also described two major research thrusts in fundamental physics today that are pursuing a more satisfying, all-encompassing picture of particles.

Companies are acutely aware they have influence within their communities—a sphere that encompasses not only their employees but also the wider external world they operate within.

Results vary widely depending on dosing, the individual taking the drug, and the setting in which it’s taken, but most users experience a trip encompassing four to six hours.

Additionally, the three postal districts encompassing Georgia also cover parts of Tennessee, South Carolina and Florida.

The Ducati is built for Enduro riding, which is a kind of mountain bike racing that happens in timed stages, which encompass both uphill pedaling and downhill shredding.