Ambient [adjective]

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There’s just a ton of business value in being able to run an engine efficiently and cleanly on a fuel that just sits in a glass at ambient conditions, which is what those alcohols do.

In addition to cooling ambient air, conventional AC units have to dedicate huge amounts of energy to dealing with this water vapor, which retains considerable heat and makes it feel much more uncomfortable.

Some lights, such as the Vya Pro from Light and Motion or the Varia Smart Light from Garmin, automatically detect changes in ambient light and adjust intensity and flash rate accordingly.

In a city setting with more ambient light, you can get by with less.

Without nests or food, they brave the elements by huddling together on stable pack ice to maximize ambient heat and minimize exposure.

To achieve zero carbon emissions, the latest strategy uses a design known as an ambient temperature loop that simultaneously and efficiently both heats and cools different buildings.

The wastewater pipe and a heat exchanger transfer heat to and from an ambient loop circulating water throughout the district.

Ambient, am′bi-ent, adj. going round: surrounding: investing.

Arjun drove the chariot fair, While his shafts like countless locusts whistled through the ambient air!

Note that all animal life is cold-blooded, with a negligible difference between body and ambient temperatures.