Circling [verb]

Definition of Circling:

go around, circumnavigate

Synonyms of Circling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Circling:

Sentence/Example of Circling:

Instead of passing the sauce around in a circle, you pass it randomly to the person seated directly to your left or to your right.

If I could have broken into the circle, I think Obama and I would have been friends.

These circles don’t intersect, making it impossible to locate the third vertex of the triangle.

Maybe it’s particles moving around, maybe it’s planets in the solar system, maybe it’s as simple as something rotating on a circle.

Says freedom of speech is “falling out of favor in some circles.”

Cummings is the second key adviser to Johnson to go in the space of a day, after tensions blew up over the way the prime minister’s inner circle operates.

We told them to get up on top of the van and start spinning around in a circle.

While she has always had a close circle supporting her, she has mostly been on her own.

These areas are so small that people walk to a store, people walk to a restaurant and you see the viral expansion will be a series of concentric circles.

Two of the leading contenders are also current Council members — Christopher Rodriguez and Esther Sanchez — while others are coming from outside the city’s current political circle.