Stationary [adjective]

Definition of Stationary:

not moving; fixed

Synonyms of Stationary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stationary:

Sentence/Example of Stationary:

In 1840, was commenced the manufacture of stationary and land steam engines.

Yet these several combats—of which there were as many as there were villages—were stationary.

They were stationary, and it was necessary to bring the sheaves to them.

If this kind of thing goes on the population of England will be stationary in 1960.

Stationary tubs may be made of wood, of enameled iron, or of slate.

I cannot think of a clearer indication of a direct fall from a stationary source.

No weight transference, the weight being on the stationary foot.

"The main thing for us now is to keep her as nearly stationary as we can," said the captain.

To a man who had been stationary like Europe, the Teutonic was a marvel.

Their rank is stationary, and each is content with the position he occupies.