Stagnant [adjective]

Definition of Stagnant:

motionless, dirty

Synonyms of Stagnant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stagnant:

Sentence/Example of Stagnant:

Action will never be stagnant while there are such things as gold and power.

Her conversion was an event that broke the lethargy of their stagnant life.

Without him life would be stagnant, energy and virtue purposeless.

It was like opening a door out of a beautiful garden into a stagnant ditch.

"It must have been the wind in the trees," he thought; but there could be no wind in the stagnant dampness of that air.

The second in a stagnant water at the bottom of a deep ditch.

In hollows, or places where the air is stagnant, it may still be toxic.

The creek broadened, opening out into a wide sweep of a stagnant lagoon.

She was to him like a running stream to a man who had long bathed in stagnant waters.

It was a day of stagnant air, and the church swung with sleepy influences.