Dead [adjective]

Definition of Dead:

no longer alive

Opposite/Antonyms of Dead:

Sentence/Example of Dead:

Police responded to the scene, and Onyeuka was pronounced dead.

Your movement might be dead, but there is a place for you to go.

It was an image of a dead woodcock lying on the street in New York City.

In quantum mechanics, this weird “is the cat alive or dead” state is dubbed superposition.

The Gleasons tell people who have observed lethargic or dead birds around their homes to take down their feeders for two weeks, so local birds can disperse and find food in the wild.

Police said he had a gunshot wound and was pronounced dead on the scene.

The dead sea stars’ tissues had high amounts of a form of nitrogen found in low-oxygen conditions.

The dead man was identified by authorities Sunday as Kevin Costlow, 52, who lived in the Montgomery town of Laytonsville, close to where the incident occurred.

A man was found dead in a Beltsville townhouse on Sunday after firefighters extinguished a blaze in the two-story structure, authorities said.

When the news broke in April 2019 that scientists had restored neurological functions in the brains of dead pigs, I was fascinated — and troubled.