Inert [adjective]

Definition of Inert:

not moving; lifeless

Synonyms of Inert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inert:

Sentence/Example of Inert:

Even ExxonMobil, which has been more inert on that score, announced this week that it will launch a $3 billion carbon-capture-and-sequestration affiliate that will be called ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions.

For a long time, Pluto was believed to be an airless, inert world.

As a chemically inert, “noble” element, xenon makes for a quiet gazing pool in which to look for the ripples of unknown particles, should any flit through.

Inside the Continental Exhibition Corporation one man was slumped over a desk, an automatic half-gripped in his inert hand.

Inert forms were being carried out of houses where chimneys or skylights had gone through the roof.

So inert, despondent, and lethargic a moment before, he now seemed full to overflowing of life and animation.

The next moment it wilted, rolled downward with outstretched arms, and collapsed upon the gravel, an inert mass.

Mrs Beazeley, the housekeeper, has become inert and querulous from rheumatism and the burden of added years.

The changed solubilities of inert gases in salt solutions,301 and a mass of other evidence,302 lead to this conclusion.

Above, silence reigns, for the huge volume of stored water lies inert between its rugged banks.