Potent [adjective]

Definition of Potent:

effective, powerful, forceful

Synonyms of Potent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Potent:

Sentence/Example of Potent:

None suspect that the potent santon is the traitor Jew; but I know it!

Unless we see this we miss the most potent fact in the whole situation.

The dreaded name of Iroquois is potent, even across the centuries.

Example is one of the most potent of instructors, though it teaches without a tongue.

Woman's tears are the most potent resolvent know to chemistry.

It might be likened to the dregs of love, all that remained after the potent wine of it had been drained off.

Edith—Edith, the very name had a strange, potent fascination.

Nietzsche was a potent force in the nineteenth century, but not understood.

I had thought the British Parliament to be a great and potent institution.

The Sunday-school is destined to be the most potent factor in the removal of this evil.