Vigorous [adjective]

Definition of Vigorous:

energetic, powerful

Opposite/Antonyms of Vigorous:

Sentence/Example of Vigorous:

So vigorous was her movement that Cassidy's clasp was thrown off the wrist.

After Aggie's vigorous comment there followed a long silence.

Yes; this is what the secrets of my art have done for me to preserve me fresh and vigorous as you see.

The wizened little headman was as cheerful and lively and vigorous as ever.

He is still young and vigorous, and has it yet in his power to accomplish much.

Life is a hearty and vigorous movement to them, not a drooping slouch.

He followed this vigorous attack by charging down into the confused mass.

Vera Cruz fell after a vigorous bombardment and a brave defence.

He had never felt his manhood so vigorous, nor his hopes so high.

To this Cherokee responded by vigorous wagging of the stump of his tail.