Rugged [adjective]

Definition of Rugged:

bumpy, weathered

Synonyms of Rugged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rugged:

Sentence/Example of Rugged:

"Old John will bide at home, sire," said the rugged soldier.

But the way was rugged, broken, and in spots nearly impassable.

His voice sounded strangely soft from one so large and rugged.

His rugged face was deeply lined, and I noticed a little gray in his hair.

Did Orpheus by his lay humanize the rugged beasts and teach the forests to listen?

He is at present apt to be too rugged, and, in consequence, to lose size.

He found something in the bronzed, rugged face that was unusually sardonic.

But the path of learning is sometimes too rugged for their tender feet.

He was breathing hard, and fear was writ large upon his rugged face.

He composed his rugged features into the rude semblance of a smile.