Roughhewn [adjective]

Definition of Roughhewn:

not cooked, prepared

Synonyms of Roughhewn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roughhewn:

Sentence/Example of Roughhewn:

It consisted of cabins of roughhewn logs surrounded by a stockade.

In youth the land mass was roughhewn and cut deep by stream erosion.

She reminded one of a roughhewn granite statue of old Egypt; and she was just as magnificently imposing.

This arch was roughhewn on the flat surfaces and on about half of the outer curved surface, or extrados.

Their gestures were unstudiedly graceful, and their roughhewn faces were pleasant in expression.

The contrast between the resolute, handsome young white man and the roughhewn Tetong was superb.

Nevertheless, the altar has been left there—an altar of unpolished wood, placed against a background of roughhewn stone.