Healed [verb]

Definition of Healed:

cure, recover

Opposite/Antonyms of Healed:

Sentence/Example of Healed:

Mud flats that dry, crack, get wet, heal and then crack again have cells averaging six sides and six vertices, following the roughly hexagonal Voronoi pattern.

With rest, these problem can usually heal on their own within a few weeks.

At an early stage of a crack, for example, self-healing pavement would activate super absorbent polymers to absorb water and produce concrete-like material that fills in the crack.

I realized my art therapy was not healing these women in any profound way.

Over the course of the series, we see LBY do many kinds of prosocial acts, including healing Mando’s allies and comforting and protecting his bounty hunter companion in times of need.

Indeed, caution the researchers, it’s possible that both sexes take equally long to heal, but that boys simply may stop reporting symptoms earlier in their recovery.

In creating PLANET AFROPUNK we’ve designed a safe space for our community to celebrate and inspire, cry and shout, and to heal and motivate one another.

It changes itself, heals itself, and finds other ways to do things.

In recent years, thinkers and academics have increasingly called for the public to consider compulsory voting as a way to heal the US’s electoral woes.

The only thing that heals this body is revival of civic grace.