Alleviate [verb]

Definition of Alleviate:

relieve; lessen

Synonyms of Alleviate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alleviate:

Sentence/Example of Alleviate:

None of these alleged fixes simultaneously alleviate the technology’s true physical and digital harms.

By contrast, states that regularly conduct elections by mail have much more specific guidelines to alleviate overcrowding.

Below, Kessler and other grief experts, human resources executives, mental-health professionals, and physicians explain how employers can help their workers—and their companies—alleviate this year’s crushing burden of grief.

I don’t have all the answers, but part of the solution no doubt is alleviating pressure for parents while finding at-home learning methods that are actually effective for kids.

More people than ever are paying attention to the county because of its role with public health and its vast reserves that many hoped could be deployed to alleviate the mental health and homeless crisis in San Diego.

Steven Rogelberg has found some other small measures to alleviate the pain.

They require, and in many instances they merit, all that can be done to alleviate a situation of servitude.

I had no conception of sorrows she could not alleviate; and I remember thinking—foolish child that I was!

Alas, it may be, she will impose on herself some rigid penance, in the hope that God may alleviate the sufferings of her brother!

There are compensating circumstances which should alleviate our sorrow.