Magnify [verb]

Definition of Magnify:

enlarge, intensify

Synonyms of Magnify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Magnify:

Sentence/Example of Magnify:

The pandemic has magnified it for whatever reason, and the players protesting did, too.

A mishandled migration like this alone was likely to cause new problems and magnify existing ones.

For those people, being alone for extended periods of time can magnify or rehash old problems.

Samsung says the lens can magnify images 5X optically and 50X using software tricks.

Making sure this data is accurate and up to date has always been important and is just magnified by the uncertainty this situation has created for all businesses and consumers.

He may have nothing to boast about himself, and his distorted mind may magnify the deeds of the younger man.

"Don't magnify my importance; but I shall always be your friend, Lawrence," she said, simply.

I thank and magnify the ever-blessed Trinity, who chose thee from all our race for this special privilege.

Dan's talents and his brilliant career at college all helped to magnify the importance of Bassett's latest move.

I magnify the child of vigor at this sacrifice, who shines under the heaven, the thoughtful Agni.