Degrade [verb]

Definition of Degrade:

shame, humiliate

Opposite/Antonyms of Degrade:

Sentence/Example of Degrade:

They need the right moisture levels and microbes to degrade.

There has also been much speculation about a “million-mile battery” capable of being recharged many more times than current models without degrading.

Extreme temperatures, low pressure and radiation can quickly degrade cell membranes and destroy DNA.

The thalattosaur remains show little evidence of being degraded by stomach acid, suggesting the ichthyosaur died shortly after its enormous meal.

She tested how fast her gel formula would degrade in the sun and wind by applying the gel to a non-bee drone.

You would degrade yourself to my level; and, God knows, mine is a very low level.

Misfortune cannot degrade a man, unless he be intrinsically mean; it rather elevates him.

Let such men become drivers to stage-coaches, but let them not degrade the name of travellers by assuming it to themselves.

But men also humiliate us, degrade us, jeer at, ridicule the miseries that they and their society entail upon us.

It flashed by like some grand procession of the stage, if one can so degrade its power and reality by the comparison.