Bench [noun]

Definition of Bench:

furniture for sitting

Synonyms of Bench:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bench:


Sentence/Example of Bench:

Meanwhile the Toronto Raptors never faced much in the way of a threat from the Brooklyn Nets, but they put on an impressive first-round performance all the same — especially their bench shooting 100 in Game 4.

We don’t get opposing benches essentially hovering over corner shooters.

The clear baseline has been much-discussed as one of the benefits of bubble play, but I also like the fact that benches are farther away from the sideline.

Nurse and company remained unsurprisingly willing to vary their level of aggression within and outside of their base schemes from night to night, against every type of action and overall, with the starters and with the bench.

I think you have seen some excellent talent in the first term of this administration, but quite frankly, our bench really isn’t all that deep.

Barbara Cohn spends much of her day at a computer, not a lab bench.

Before the spinet a bench was placed about four feet below the keys, and I was put upon the bench.

The tattered outcast dozes on his bench while the chariot of the wealthy is drawn by.

Outside the hotel he came upon the two sisters sitting on a bench and drinking coffee.

He stood before the glass hung above the wash bench and 369 smoothed his hair.