Debauch [verb]

Definition of Debauch:

deprave, corrupt

Synonyms of Debauch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Debauch:

Sentence/Example of Debauch:

This marked a new stage in the family's financial progress; and as usual it was signalized by a grand debauch in bill-paying.

The debauch of the previous night laid the foundation of disease, from which Charles never recovered.

There, as he had expected, the men were waiting in ominous silence, their eyes red with debauch and hate.

We sat in the smoking-room, and having divided the plug we had a grand debauch.

This debauch of capital and credit has sent a poison circulating through the veins of the Nation.

Mr. Belcher had not failed to debauch or debase the moral standard of every man over whom he had any direct influence.

After all, how little it becomes a gentleman to debauch his mouth with foul language, I refer to themselves in a few particulars.

It even made me want to rise and declare myself, to shout and sing, to join the religious and emotional debauch.

He soon converted ours into a place of filthy debauch and scandalous licentiousness, the haunt of knaves and debauchees.

Here, yet lingered two or three guests,—spirits who set no store on an entertainment if it did not degenerate into debauch.