Cheapen [verb]

Definition of Cheapen:

diminish worth

Synonyms of Cheapen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cheapen:

Sentence/Example of Cheapen:

We came not to any agreement, but did cheapen several parcels, and thence away, promising to send again to them.

No, sir; 'tisn' the rule, an' us can't begin to cheapen the fee wi' a man o' your inches.

"Girls, you cheapen yourselves by lack  of purpose in life," says Rena L. Miner.

Good tools facilitate and cheapen cultivation, and increase the yield of crops, Money paid out for such tools is well expended.

He wished to cheapen everything as his own produce had been cheapened.

It would cheapen the very harps and halos in Heaven and convert the Day of Judgment into a moving picture show.

However commercialised Paris might become, you could not cheapen the environs of Notre Dame!

Adulteration is also practiced when made-over materials or waste is used to cheapen the cost.

How man does cheapen God's plan of things; leaves out the kernel, and keeps only an empty shell sometimes.

It has erected tank-stations at railroad centres in every part of the country to cheapen the storage and delivery of oil.