Overrate [verb]

Definition of Overrate:

assign too much value, importance

Opposite/Antonyms of Overrate:

Sentence/Example of Overrate:

If you fancy that I exaggerate this power, or overrate its extent, listen to one fact.

That I did not overrate the peril before me, events soon proved.

It is impossible to overrate the significance of this event.

It is hard to overrate the consequences of the fall of New Orleans.

Yet it would be impossible to overrate the delicacy of that situation.

It could not have been better; but I fear that you overrate it.

Self-love leads us to overrate the numbers of our negative constituency.

After such a severe handling, he was not likely to overrate his poetical talents.

"You overrate your talent for poetry," said Osborne to Ralph, at one of their interviews.

I hope that I do not overrate my own place in the estimation of society.