Appreciate [verb]

Definition of Appreciate:

be grateful, thankful

Synonyms of Appreciate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appreciate:

Sentence/Example of Appreciate:

The pupil will appreciate its practical value the moment he masters the key to it.

He, who knows the dangers and necessities we were in, will appreciate the joy we felt and that we feel at its arrival.

No one could appreciate better than ourselves the unpleasant possibilities that stared us in the face.

It is just this joyous, care-free nature of the Irish that the stolid Englishman will never learn to appreciate.

We say—mark this, in order to appreciate a display of the true genius of statesmanship.

Suchet, an ardent student of human nature, was quick to appreciate how to turn to his use this provincialism.

One will not fully appreciate Chigwell and its inn unless he has read Dickens' story.

She learned to appreciate at its true value that masculine admiration which, in an unusual degree, she had the power to excite.

Matt began to appreciate the difficulties ahead of him and to worry a little about the outcome.

Let us enlarge our minds to grasp it, that we may, to some extent at least, conceive its greatness and appreciate its beauties.