Depreciate [verb]

Definition of Depreciate:

devalue, lose value

Synonyms of Depreciate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Depreciate:

Sentence/Example of Depreciate:

"If you buy a Tesla today, I believe you are buying an appreciating asset—not a depreciating asset," Musk said in a 2019 podcast episode.

Nor did I attempt to depreciate my achievements; on the contrary, I exaggerated the facts as much as I possibly could.

And he goes on to praise Moore and to depreciate himself, as was his custom.

He could not allow party spirit to depreciate the genius of Napoleon.

I would not depreciate it; so you may hear me patiently, Guy.

We need not emit any more paper, and that already out would depreciate no further.

I do not mean to depreciate music: let it be loved and reverenced as is just; only let the delight of the eye be reverenced more.

She rather tended to depreciate her own gifts, in comparison with those of her friend, Miss Lurida Vincent.

The natural effect of this testimony was to depreciate the paper which his name was on.

The universal approbation this book met with, did not hinder Grotius's enemies from doing all they could to depreciate it.