Criticize [verb]

Definition of Criticize:

disapprove, judge as bad

Opposite/Antonyms of Criticize:

Sentence/Example of Criticize:

The committee criticized Boeing and the FAA for not mentioning the system’s name.

The president frequently claims he took bold action that was criticized.

Additionally, a recent National Institutes of Health panel criticized the FDA for its EUA of convalescent plasma without having performed randomized tests.

Even his defense, which used to be criticized relentlessly, has improved considerably.

A draft city report also criticizes the department’s data collection practices.

Smith, among others, has criticized those criteria as not rigorous enough.

Germany’s eastern neighbors, particularly Poland, have long criticized the scheme because they fear their own energy security is at stake.

Diaz told the Blade that some Tallahassee activists have sharply criticized her because she has openly questioned the circumstances in the case.

Facebook has long been criticized for not fact-checking political ads or limiting how they can be targeted at small groups of people.

They began to criticize all sorts of things which they had believed in and reverenced before.