Enjoy [verb]

Definition of Enjoy:

take pleasure in, from something

Opposite/Antonyms of Enjoy:







Sentence/Example of Enjoy:

When asked why they like TikTok, platform users say they enjoy watching someone else’s videos, liking content, and following other users.

Keen political observers will quickly point out that polling in 2016 also showed Clinton with wider leads right before the election than she actually enjoyed.

We spend a lot of time on our phones, so finding time-saving shortcuts can help us get more stuff done or free up some precious minutes to enjoy anything that doesn’t require staring at a screen.

From Luis Aparicio to Albert Pujols, international players have always enjoyed a starring role in Major League Baseball.

Ambar Bhattacharyya, managing director, Maverick VenturesI really enjoyed the book Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.

Logging inAfter all that setup, you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of using a password manager.

We will then post the video of the discussion for the larger Search Engine Land audience to enjoy.

I can send them links to my full galleries, photos, even posts by other vendors who I enjoy working with super easily.

She reached forward to it in ecstasy; but she might not enjoy it, save at the price which her conscience exacted.

She made an end of her correspondence, and sat down to a delicious little supper alone; as she best liked to enjoy these treats.