Relish [noun]

Definition of Relish:

great appreciation of something

Synonyms of Relish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Relish:

Sentence/Example of Relish:

She evidently did not relish his glib talk about the university.

The men did not relish the idea of quitting the spot; but, after some talk, they came into my plan.

My mother, who saw that I did not relish the asses' milk, put in a word for me.

The porter could hardly refrain, from smacking his lips with an air of relish as he said this.

She came running to me with a suggestion for economizing in the manufacture of the relish.

He was not afraid, but he did not relish the indignity that was proposed.

This, in a supercilious air, while she drew from the narghilah the smoke, which I could not relish.

Those who can relish sour buttermilk, will find it still more light, and it is reckoned very beneficial in consumptive cases.

They always serve them up before dinner in Russia as a kind of relish.

But, said Glaucon, interposing, you have not given them a relish to their meal.