Gusto [noun]

Definition of Gusto:

great enthusiasm

Synonyms of Gusto:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gusto:

Sentence/Example of Gusto:

The character exudes gusto and sex appeal, and a churning, forward-leaning drive.

Ultimately, you may be disgusted with yourself — as I was — for devouring this morally repugnant tale with such gusto, but reading, like eating is a hard activity to regulate once the appetites are aroused.

Fossil shark teeth got people hooked on the Meg long before paleontology took off in the early 19th century, when scientists started cataloging fossils with gusto.

He ignored red flags—like Salazar’s rumored testing of testosterone or the flippancy with which he passed out prescription drugs—with the typical gusto of a new Nike employee.

Huxley quotes with satirical gusto Dr. Wace's declaration as to the word "Infidel."

Then Mr. Blackbird selected a good many choice tidbits here and there, which he bolted with gusto.

Ben Jonson loved the 'durne weed,' and describes its every accident with the gusto of a connoisseur.

The four shook hands solemnly with their new neighbor, then, with even a greater gusto, drank his health.

He would retail his exciting experiences as a pugilist and a drunkard with much gusto.

Your letter was easily read, the pagination presented no difficulty, and I read it with much edification and gusto.